Mines Above Ground is based in Malmö, Sweden and run by Liv Andersson and Jenny Nordberg. Founded in 2012 Mines Above Ground is a design and production company focusing on waste management in general and the benefits of recycling in particular. The idea behind making money on your waste was born in 2008 and has been developed since then.


The basic idea behind The Bin is easy. The Bin is a waste bin divided into four sections. By sorting your waste instead of throwing everything in the same container you can lower your waste handling costs dramatically. The main target groups for The Bin are hotels and offices but The Bin can of course be used in every other environment where waste occurs. For example at home, in public spaces, at hospitals and so on. The Bin brings the sorting closer at hand. The Bin is produced in Malmö, Sweden with all the sustainable perspectives taken into consideration. Read more about The Bin here.